Added a new project section "oa_technology_library_override" which can be used to make Animate use an alternative technology library. This is useful if the user needs to edit a read-only technology to add, for example, rules.


Resolved Issues


Fixed an issue with mosfet dummy generation that could cause Animate to evaluate the gate width or length incorrectly.


Fixed a case where dummy poly was not handled properly in estimates for resistors.


Other Items

ATE-3331, ATE-3329, ATE-3328, ATE-3327, ATE-3295, ATE-3290, ATE-3280, ATE-3279, ATE-3270, ATE-3269, ATE-3268, ATE-3358, ATE-3338, ATE-3375, ATE-3349, ATE-3374, ATE-3373, ATE-3371, ATE-3367, ATE-3357, ATE-3356, ATE-3321, ATE-2767.