Resolved Issues


Fixed a bug, where fake tracks were wrongly created in stacked mosfets.


Issue with inappropriately named schematics ( e.g. schematic_test ) previously breaking the reload flow has been fixed.


Fixed a case where resistor pattern routing could create loops causing min enclosed area error. Now creates C/I shaped routing in these cases.


Other Items

ATE-3331, ATE-3329, ATE-3328, ATE-3327, ATE-3295, ATE-3290, ATE-3280, ATE-3279, ATE-3270, ATE-3269, ATE-3268, ATE-3344, ATE-3341, ATE-3336, ATE-3302, ATE-3316, ATE-3348, ATE-3347, ATE-3335, ATE-3317, ATE-3220, ATE-3112, ATE-3110