Resolved Issues


Fixed a bug which occurred when undoing and redoing a change in groups.


Enlarged preview issue resolved. Scaling is now managed by a timer that is triggered when the window is created, and stopped when its closed. It resizes the current focused window.


An issue involving QT environment variables has now been resolved.

ATE-2532If Animate has been forcibly killed (by user or by OS), this can now be detected and will display "not running" if there is not a specific reason for the exit.

Other Items

ATE-3022, ATE-3021, ATE-3018, ATE-2919, ATE-3014, ATE-2957, ATE-2954, ATE-3032, ATE-3031, ATE-3030, ATE-3028, ATE-3026, ATE-3025, ATE-3010, ATE-3040, ATE-3038, ATE-3037, ATE-3009, ATE-3008, ATE-3004, ATE-2990.