Improvements to PDK support.


Resolved Issues


Amendments to the definition of a "suitable" circuit for Animate Preview, enabling it to work on a wider range of circuits.


Fixed a bug in selection handling. Certain single instance specific menus are now correctly available.


Animate Preview now handles a case where resistor dummy routing could previously create min enclosed area errors.

Other Items

ATE-2950, ATE-2949, ATE-2946, ATE-2945, ATE-2943, ATE-2930, ATE-2918, ATE-2917, ATE-2915, ATE-2914, ATE-2956, ATE-2939, ATE-2938, ATE-2982, ATE-2979, ATE-2978, ATE-2977, ATE-2976, ATE-2975, ATE-2974, ATE-2973, ATE-2972, ATE-2971, ATE-2970, ATE-2969, ATE-2968, ATE-2967, ATE-2966, ATE-2965, ATE-2960, ATE-2951, ATE-2937, ATE-2936, ATE-2935, ATE-2933, ATE-2885, ATE-2766, ATE-2765, ATE-2744, ATE-2740.