ATE-2239Improved recognition of cascode current mirrors.

Improved the way Animate Preview attaches poly heads and other associated routing to instances when saved to OA. 


Added guard ring bars above/below diff pair, current mirror and cascode matches, except for when dummy rows are used and single instance matches.



Resolved Issues


Fixed potential hang/crash when reloading hierarchical schematic after editing outside Animate.

ATE-2216Removed incorrectly added rule, that was causing two resistors to be placed too far apart for the uniform spacing to match the pcells gaps between segments.


Other Items

ATE-2246, ATE-2245, ATE-2210, ATE-2186, ATE-2097, ATE-2233, ATE-2148, ATE-2241, ATE-2240, ATE-2237, ATE-2236, ATE-2232, ATE-2221, ATE-2168, ATE-2088, ATE-2087, ATE-2058.