Added ability to save lower level layouts to the top-level library, if their own library is read-only.

ATE-2129Improved resistor chain recognition, resulting in better placement/routing of some resistor grids.
ATE-2196Dummy resistors in guard rings now connect directly to the guard rings on power/ground.

Power rails are now extended and connected to the east and west vertical sections of the bulk guard ring that contains those power rails.

The horizontal power rails are then reinforced with a vertical track on the highest y-bias thin metal layer. The vertical track width is taken as the widest width of the horizontal tracks that are being connected.


Added ability to flip rows of poly heads, providing they are not in a multi-row match or other pattern, when non-matching poly head direction.



Resolved Issues

AN-2226Crash when tap cells are added through back-annotation is now fixed.
ATE-2218Fixed apparent hang in Animate Preview plugin caused by slow disk/network speeds.
ATE-2205Animate now defaults to no grouping when pushing to OA, unless specified in the project.
ATE-2203Fixed missing offset causing incorrect resistor orientation in some cases.

Recommended rule exclude markers over resistor devices previously led to dummy poly above and below the device that only conformed to foundry rules and not recommended rules. 

Animate now always considers recommended rules, regardless of any exclude markers over the device itself, as the markers do not cover the area in which the dummy poly will be created.


The context menu in the Layout view no longer displays the Copy option, when a selected layout is not yet fully placed.


Other Items

ATE-2217, ATE-2098, ATE-2230, ATE-2228, ATE-2225, ATE-2224, ATE-2219, ATE-2209, ATE-2208, ATE-2207, ATE-2204, ATE-2202, ATE-2201, ATE-2200, ATE-2199, ATE-2198, ATE-2190, ATE-2133, ATE-2094, ATE-2049.