Resolved Issues


Back Annotation now correctly annotates the schematic with the dummy finger width.

ATE-2121Dummy back annotation, mfactor parameter is now written correctly.

Improved placement of resistor grid soft pattern to give better net matching in full symmetry.


To resolve incorrect alignment between rows in a soft pattern, the alignments of the underlying patterns should be used, rather than just relying on heuristics to determine the correct alignments.

ATE-1977Allowed some flipping of devices used to pad soft patterns.
ATE-2106A hang has been resolved which was caused by an error in the MinOverlap spread calculation.
ATE-2021Fixed an issue that caused clicking on overlapping tracks to select all tracks under the cursor rather than just the highlighted track.


Other Items

ATE-2125, ATE-2108, ATE-2072, ATE-2145, ATE-2143, ATE-2141, ATE-2140, ATE-2139, ATE-2138, ATE-2126, ATE-2118, ATE-2117, ATE-2116, ATE-2115, ATE-2114, ATE-2007, ATE-2004, ATE-2120, ATE-2052, ATE-2033, ATE-1471, ATE-1367, ATE-1087, ATE-754, ATE-694, ATE-558, ATE-317, ATE-264.