ATE-2091Intersecting matches can now be rendered to constraints, provided that there are no intersections among the constrained instances.

Added a new view to the layout view called "Probe view" that makes it easier to see selected instances for net and instance debugging.


In scenarios where a mosfet dummy is vertically adjacent to a guard ring and the poly head of that device points towards the guard ring, the pattern router will make a simple first metal layer connection between that devices poly head and the guard ring


Added ability to flip rows of poly heads, providing they are not in a multi-row match or other pattern, when non-matching poly head direction.


The pattern router will now produce a routing solution where the gate horizontal track, on the first x-bias layer, can move away from the poly heads to allow max poly area rules to be obeyed. This is in contrast to the standard mosfet routing pattern behaviour where the poly heads and gate horizontal track are centred on each other.



Resolved Issues

AN-2090Fixed a bug in parallel spacing, where it could fail to detect an error in some cases.
ATE-2086Improved placement of resistor grid soft pattern to give better net matching in full symmetry.
ATE-2082Resistor pattern routing now leaves slightly more space so a via can be put on external pins.
ATE-1977Allowed some flipping of devices used to pad soft patterns.
ATE-1862When a cell is placed with a bulk terminal into a guard ring, Animate avoids placing a tap to also connect to that terminal.


Other Items

ATE-2078, ATE-2077, ATE-2076, ATE-2074, ATE-2072, ATE-2066, ATE-2100, ATE-2096, ATE-2093, ATE-2084, ATE-2080, ATE-2067, ATE-1937, ATE-1724, ATE-1647, ATE-2068, ATE-2055, ATE-2052, ATE-2050, ATE-286.