Animate now allows match constraints to be generated that contain a combination of top level and hierarchical stacked mosfets and place them as such.


New save flow. Removed all existing right-click save options and replaced with a single "Save Layout" option.
Save layout is also clickable from the preview image.

When clicked, a new save dialog is opened, showing the different save options and a small preview of each.

If there are no licenses for previewplussave - either an upgrade button will be shown with a link to register your interest, or an Out of Licenses button will be shown after an attempt at a previewplussave.

Resolved Issues


Fixed bug where resistor dummy poly was not shared when it could be.


Fixed mosfet recognition bug when multiple masters referred to the same supermaster.


Fixed an issue where, if there were 3 or more levels of hierarchy in a schematic, only the top level and its direct children would be shown in the gui hierarchy tree.


Fixed potential LVS errors where Animate was placing mosfets on the same bulk nets but different deep n well nets into the same guard rings. These devices are now placed in separate guard rings.


Other Items

ATE-1263, ATE-1209, ATE-1088, ATE-1249, ATE-1246, ATE-1194, ATE-1193, ATE-1119, ATE-1021, ATE-1254, ATE-1240, ATE-1239, ATE-1218, ATE-1218, ATE-1217, ATE-1216, ATE-1141, ATE-1140, ATE-1139, ATE-1255, ATE-1253, ATE-1252, ATE-1251