Animate now automatically adds the internal routing for non-match cascode structures.


Animate now treats left and right components of split resistors separately during resistor routing, to allow each side to routed independently.


Animate now creates single continuous null netted tracks between routing patterns, which are added for matching purposes, rather than creating two separate overlapping tracks.


Animate now automatically adds routing for the common nets between diff pairs and current mirrors that occupy adjacent rows.


Animate allows the user to set a flag on a match constraint to control whether the dummy source, drain and gate nets should be tied to the current mirror source net, rather than the bulk net.

Resolved Issues


Fix to how extension rules are handled.


Fixed bug in Animate's Library Cell View picker that meant that Animate would not automatically select the "schematic" view in libraries created with the cds.lib "COMBINE" statement.


Stacked mosfet constraints are no longer allowed to be generated that contain a mixture of different finger count instances.


Other Items

ATE-1273, ATE-1238, ATE-1110, ATE-1081, ATE-971, ATE-1316, ATE-1313, ATE-1312, ATE-1294, ATE-1293, ATE-1292, ATE-1291, ATE-1290, ATE-1289, ATE-1286, ATE-1282, ATE-1281, ATE-1279, ATE-1321, ATE-1320, ATE-1141, ATE-1140, ATE-1139, ATE-1130, ATE-1128