The Results dock window shows information about the layouts Animate generates. 


The columns can be sorted by left-clicking on the column header. Right-clicking on the Results column headers allows you to set which columns are visible.

  • The Name column shows the name of the layout view, if a layout has been saved. Layout views are named layout, layout1, layout2, … layout where the number is incremented for each layout saved.

  • The Area column shows the area of this layout, in square microns.

  • The Ratio column shows the aspect ratio of the layout, of the form X : Y.

  • The Use column can be ticked (green) or crossed (grey). Layouts which have the Use field ticked are shown on the Wall (link), else they are hidden. 

  • The Lock column can be used to lock a layout. When locked, a layout is not deleted (and regenerated) when any constraints are changed. If you edit a layout, it automatically becomes locked.

  • The Width column shows the layout width in microns.

  • The Height column shows the layout height in microns.

  • The Critical Path Wirelength column shows the wirelength of critical paths.

  • The Postconditions column shows whether the layout has met postconditions.

  • The Schematic Correlation column shows the percentage correllation.

  • The Wirelength column shows the total wirelength of the layout in microns.

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