The Colors dock window shows the layers in your layout and allows you to control their selectability and visibility. 


Animate reads layer colors and fill patterns from the Cadence display.drf file in the working directory. It comprises a layer box for each layer, showing the color and fill pattern of that layer; a layer name box showing the layer name, and a layer purpose box showing the layer purpose abbreviation. 

Left-clicking on the colored layer box on the left toggles layer visibility; the layer box is hidden if a layer is invisible. 

Left-clicking on the layer name box allows you to toggle selectability. The layer name box is grayed-out if a layer is unselectable.

Buttons AV, NV, AS, NS allow you to make all layers visible, none visible, all selectable or none selectable.

Layers can be filtered by typing into the line edit. Only layers that start with the letters typed into the line edit are displayed in the Colors window. To clear the layer filter, click on the ‘X’ which appears to the right of the line edit.

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