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Before following this Getting Started Guide, ensure that you have completed the installation by following the Installation Instructions.

Running Animate Preview

After installing Animate Preview, we recommend that you start with opening the demo data provided in the Animate Preview download package.

Change into the "demodata" directory and launch Cadence® Virtuoso.

> cd <installation-directory>/demodata

> virtuoso

Open the schematic view - testLib : opamp_only : schematic

Once the schematic is open you should see the Animate Preview assistant window in the lower-left corner of the schematic window. 

 (If you can't see the Animate Preview then check that you correctly added animatepreview.ile to your .cdsinit file - see the Installation Instructions for more details).

When you first load a schematic, the Animate Preview assistant will display the message "Generating Preview" and a pause button.

Once the layout preview is ready it will be displayed directly in the Animate Preview assistant window. This is a thumbnail view showing the layout preview of the schematic.

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