To enable LSF support in Animate Preview, the PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_BSUB_ARGS environment is needed. 

Set it to the values you would normally use with bsub command arguments.
As a minimum, the -Ip arguments are required, but additional arguments to specify the queue name and the number of cores can be provided as well, e.g.

setenv PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_BSUB_ARGS "-Ip -q queuename -n 8"

Please do not provide the jobname argument, as Animate Preview will construct this for you, in order to keep track of the LSF jobs it has started.

You can combine the PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_BSUB_ARGS with the PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_START_UP_COMMAND to specify the location of the animatepreview binary; otherwise, please ensure that animatepreview is set up on the PATH of the remote machines.

Note that Animate Preview takes as read both the bsub command name, and the fact that it is on PATH.

For additional information on bsub, please refer to your LSF reference documentation.


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