For a design to run in Animate Preview, it must pass two suitability checks to ensure that the design will produce a reasonable result in a reasonable timeframe. This is carried out before Animate Preview starts generating 


If Animate Preview's circuit suitability checks fail, click on the "Help & Information" link in the plugin to see which condition has failed.

The checks are outlined below.

Condition One

  • There must be fewer than 100 schematic instances in the entire design hierarchy.
  • Note that M-Factored or Vectored devices will both count as 1 instance.
  • This condition can be overridden by selecting 'Run' in the Animate Preview context menu.

Condition Two

  • Animate Preview must recognise and successfully set up all the mosfets in the circuit.
  • This condition cannot be overridden.
  • If this condition fails, please contact Pulsic technical support and provide the "device report" that is available when you click the "Help & Information" link in the plugin.