Animate Preview uses the Technology library for all of its design-related information. This document shows the information Animate Preview reads directly or generates from that. 

The design rules supported by Animate Preview are limited to those in the current technology library (OpenAccess Definitions 22.43.p022).  These rules and definitions have some limitations; as such Animate Preview will work within those limitations. 

For more complete DRC support please contact Pulsic via

  • Layers

    • Physical (a layer present in the design)

    • Derived (a layer generated by a logical operation on other layers)

    • Limit of 255 layers

  • Purpose Names

  • Vias

    • Standard Vias only, not custom vias (Pcell Vias)

  • Guard Rings

    • Generated from the Layers and design rules, not multipart path rules.

  • Design Rules
    Note : All design rules operate on the layer name and not individual purposes.
    • Min Spacing
      Single layer minimum spacing rule and Table-based rules (Width/Length dependencies), all as defined in the Technology Library.

    • Min Width
      Single layer minimum width.

    • Min Clearance Spacing
      Spacing between a Pair of layers.

    • Min Dual Extension
      Extension in both directions between a pair of layers. 

    • Min Enclosure
      Distance from the outer edge of an enclosed layer to the inner edge of the enclosing layer.