With Animate Preview installed, when you open a Virtuoso schematic a dock window 'Animate Preview' is displayed. Animate is started as a background process which reads the schematic and automatically generates layout. The resulting layout generated is displayed in the Preview window.

At any time if you run Virtuoso Check&Save on schematic, Animate restarts and generates an updated layout in the Preview window.

You can crossprobe from Virtuoso schematics to the Preview window by clicking on instance(s) in the schematic.

Right-clicking on the layout in the Preview window gives you the following options:

  • Enlarge Preview Window - this allows you to open a (larger) Preview window.
  • Save - Save the generated layout to a Cadence library.
  • Edit - Open the native Animate window to edit the layout.
  • Area Report - Display a report showing the area, width/height and aspect ratio of the generated layout.
  • Device Report - Display a report of the device types found in the schematic.