1. Go to the Animate Preview download page at https://animate.pulsic.com/download 

    You will be prompted for your email address; a download link will be sent to this email address.

2. Unpack the download to your desired <installation-directory>


    tar -xzf animatepreview-2020-25d-22.43.p022-Linux-x86_64.tar.gz -C <installation-directory>


3. Add <installation-directory>/animatepreview/bin to your PATH.


    export PATH=<installation-directory>/bin:$PATH


4. Add the following line to your Cadence® Virtuoso® .cdsinit file.


    load( "<installation-directory>/animatepreview/virtuosoplugin/animatepreview.ile" )


5. Check out the Animate Preview Getting Started Guide.