Q. There is a message ‘Animate Not Running’ in the Preview window.

  1. This means Animate has failed to run. 
    Possible reasons are:

  • Missing or undefined libraries. Check the CDS.lib and CDS.log files for errors with libraries.

  • Circuit is too big. There is currently a limit of 100 devices. Click on the 'Run' button to run a large design.

  • Circuit does not contain MOS devices or resistors or capacitors.

  • Animate has crashed - look at $HOME/.pulsic for a directory with name of the form DD_MM_YY_HR_MM_SS, which is the date and time of the crash. The directory will contain the logfile and stacktrace. Please report it to animatepreview.freshdesk.com

Right click on the Animate Preview window and select ‘Circuit Suitability Report’ - if the design is unsuitable the reason(s) will be reported.